Post-Doctoral Position, Post-Transcriptional Regulation in Human Neurodevelopment, SickKids, Toronto

Posted on February 27,

James Ellis Lab uses iPSC to model neurodevelopmental disorders and cardiovascular disease Recent publications:

  • Discover post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms that tune mRNA half-life to buffer transcription rate changes in Rett syndrome neurons (Rodrigues et al, Nature Communications 2023).
  • Identify changes in translational regulation and proteomics in Rett syndrome neurons (Rodrigues et al, Cell Reports 2020).
  • Explore the impact of regulatory DNA variants on expression of cardiomyopathy-associated genes in stem cell derived cardiomyocytes (Lesurf et al, NPJ Genomic Medicine 2022).
  • Our full publication list is available at

To continue these CIHR and Canada Research Chair funded projects, we are recruiting a Post-Doctoral Fellow with expertise in post-transcriptional regulation (RNA biology, proteomics), or stem cell disease models that phenotype neurons or cardiomyocytes.

Please send CV and cover letter to highlight your research productivity and leadership to date to [email protected]. Also describe your plans to contribute to our research team and your career goals.