Nature Conference: RNA at the Bench and Bedside III
November 8-10, 2022 (8am-5pm PST) | San Diego, California USA and Virtual
The past year has catapulted the power of mRNA vaccines into the spotlight and sparked a new stream of interest in RNA medicines. At the same time, several oligonucleotide therapies targeting disease associated with chronic systemic inflammation are progressing in the clinic. As RNA medicines continue to change the face of clinical practice, this conference explores progress in our understanding of the roles of RNAs in immune signaling, chronic disease associated with dysregulated inflammation and efforts to translate basic knowledge into mRNA vaccines and oligonucleotide treatments. Our previous symposiums achieved a true translational agenda from bench to bedside. We plan to build on that success to achieve even better integration of basic science and clinical value.
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Organizers: Stanley Crooke (Ionis Pharmaceuticals), Andrew Marshall (Nature Biotechnology), Peter Kirkpatrick (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery), Beth Moorefield (NSMB), Gene Yeo (UCSD)
We look forward to welcoming you to San Diego in November.
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