Contact Society Officers and Committees

Please contact our Society officers and committee members with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you might have.  Get involved by volunteering to serve on our various committees!

President  (2023-24)
Sandra L. Wolin, National Cancer Institute, USA  [email protected]

Past President
Maria Carmo-Fonseca, University of Lisabon, Portugal [email protected]

Chief Executive Officer
Kristian Baker, Case Western University, USA, [email protected]

Chief Financial Officer
Wen Ding, University of California, Irvine USA, [email protected]

Secretary (2024-26)
Hua Lou, Case Western Reserve Univ, [email protected]


Directors (2023-2024)
Julie Claycomb
, University of Toronto, Canada  [email protected]
Katrin Karbstein, University of Florida – Scripps, USA  [email protected]
Thomas Preiss, Australian National University, Australia  [email protected]

Directors (2024-2025)|
Tsutomu Suzuki
, University of Tokyo, Japan  [email protected]
Neva Caliskan, Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research, Germany  [email protected]
Aaron Hoskins, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA  [email protected]

Chair of Business Development Committee
Gianpiero Di Leva, University of Salford, Manchester, UK [email protected] 

Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee 
Kehinde Ross, [email protected]

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Suja Jagannathan
Natoya Peart 
Doreen Lugano
Mai Baker 
Yunsun Nam
Jessica Silva-Fisher 
Je-Hyun Yoon
Shijian Fan
Mrityunjay Gupta
Ivan Martinez, PhD
Neena Grover
Mingyi Xie
Shovamayee Maharana

Chair of Education Committee
Manny Ares, 
[email protected]

Education Committee
Fareed Aboul-ela
Scott Aoki
Maiwen Caudron-Herger
Amy Cooke
Paul Copeland 
Robert Farrell
Angie Hilliker
Suzanne Lee
Corina Maeder
Zion Perry
Lucas Serdar
Nham Tran
Juan Valcarcel
Quentin Vicens

Chair of Meetings Committee
Benoit Chabot, University of Sherbrooke, Canada [email protected]

Meetings Committee
Andrea Berman
Chonghui Chen 
Jerney Ule 
Edouard Bertrand 
Yoseph Barash
Woan-Yuh Tarn 
Gracjan Michlewski 
Malik Chaker-Margot
Toshie Kai  

Chair of Fundraising and Development

Chair of Membership Committee
Kristin Koutmou, University of Michigan, USA [email protected]

Membership Committee
Nancy Greenbaum
Neva Caliskan
Daniel Kiss
Gabriele Fuchs
Minni Anko

Chair of Awards Committee
Ambro van Hoof, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA [email protected]

Awards Committee
Xuebing Wu
Chien-Ling Lin
Christine Dunham
Bonita Powell
Ben Montpetit
Tatjana Trcek
Yaqiang Wang
Markus Bohnsack
Michaela Dohnalkova 

Chair of Media and Communications Committee
Daniel Kim, University of California Santa Cruz, USA, [email protected]

Media and Communications
Katarina Jurikova
Gabriele Fuchs
Julie Aspden
Thalia Katsademas

Jr.  Scientists : Graduate Student and Postdoc Representatives
2023-2024 reps:

Daniel Oh [email protected]
Jimin Yoon [email protected]

2024-2025 reps:
Belén Moro [email protected]
Laura Hertz [email protected]

Jr.  Scientist Faculty Advisors
Carol Lutz, PhD, 
Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Rutgers University 
Patricia Baldrich, PhD, Director for Strategic Initiatives and Research Funding, Genome Center at the University of California - Davis