Call for nominations for 2020 RNA Society election
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Dear colleagues,

The 2020 Nomination Committee of the RNA Society is identifying candidates for election to open leadership positions effective January 2021. Open positions include three seats on the Board of Directors, and for the next President of the RNA Society. All of these positions are two-year terms (2021-2022), with the President serving also as President elect (from June 2020) and Past-President (2023-2024).

Candidates must be current, Full members of the RNA Society. Roles and responsibilities for the positions of Director and President are included below and can also be found on the RNA Society website here: Society Governance

Any eligible RNA Society member who would like to nominate themselves for one of these positions are encouraged to send their names and a brief description of interest and qualification for the position to the Secretary of the RNA Society, Brenda Peculis, at [email protected] by February 7th, 2020. Additionally, if you would like to nominate a colleague to serve, please confirm with that individual that he/she is willing to serve and provide a brief description of their interest and qualification!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Anna Marie Pyle
Kristian Baker
RNA Society



  1. Represents the Society where appropriate.
  2. With the help of the directors, CEO and CFO, develops long range plans to enhance membership, strengthen the annual meetings program, and in collaboration with Editor-in-Chief of RNA, develops plans to enhance the Society journal.
  3. In the case where the Society needs a new CEO and/or CFO, the President is responsible for coordinating the placement of appropriate advertisements for such positions, interviewing candidates and determining their suitability for the position. The president may choose to enlist the help of the Sec/Tres, Past Presidents and Directors to accomplish this task. The CEO/CFO will be responsible for providing a job description to the President so that s/he can begin the search.
  4. Reviews and signs off on all contracts/agreements or delegates signature authority to CEO.
  5. Appoints (with Board advice and consent) all members of committees, including nomination/elections committee.
  6. Is available (via email and by phone) to deal with Society issues together with the CEO, CFO and directors as they arise throughout the year
  7. Selects the Nominations Committee with the approval of the Board
  8. Chairs the Award Committee
    1. Award committee consists of Pres, Sec/Tres, 3 outgoing board members, Chief Editor of RNA and one editorial board member
    2. Send congratulatory letters to winners of Lifetime Achievement Award winners
  9. Writes the president’s column for the Society Newsletter in January and July/August
  10. Attends all RNA Society business meetings at the annual meeting

Communicates with in-coming president to pass on key information and ensure that Society business is dealt with in an uninterrupted manner. Materials that may be passed on include letters written to solicit members, letters to potential nominating committee members, and letters congratulating newly elected officers.


  1. Develops and contributes to long range strategic planning for the Society.
  2. Attends annual meeting and all business meetings that take place including the Board of Directors meeting and Meetings Committee meeting.
  3. Responds to emails from the President and CEO in a timely manner so as to resolve Society issues.
  4. In their last year as Director, serves on the Awards Committee.
  5. May serve on the Finance Committee.