2023 RNA Society Mid-Career Research Award Winner
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The RNA Society Mid-Career Award recognizes outstanding scientific achievement by an independent investigator within their first 15 years of their careers. The 2023 award is presented to Dr. Nicholas Ingolia, Associate Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology at the University of California - Berkeley. Dr. Ingolia obtained his PhD from Harvard University working on gene regulatory networks in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Murray. As a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Jonathan Weissman at the University of California - San Francisco, Dr. Ingolia developed ribosome profiling – a method to identify transcriptome-wide sites of ribosome binding – that is now widely applied to study RNA translation in many, many contexts. As an independent investigator, Dr. Ingolia continues to develop novel approaches to characterize mechanisms of post-transcriptional gene regulation. A hallmark of Dr. Ingolia’s work is his ability to combine a deep understanding of biochemistry with next generation sequencing methodologies to develop novel approaches for quantitative genome-wide analysis of gene regulation. Examples of this include APEX-seq and CIBER-seq methods. Dr. Ingolia was first introduced to RNA research as a high school student in the lab of Dr. Gary Ruvkin, a pioneer in miRNA biology, and has been a member of the RNA Society since 2018.