2022 RNA Society Outstanding Career Researcher Award
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Arthur Zaug has been awarded the 2022 RNA Society Outstanding Career Researcher Award for his unrivaled contributions over the last 40 years in the laboratory of Dr. Thomas Cech at the University of Colorado in Boulder. His research discoveries have spanned identification and characterization of the first self-cleaving RNA ribozyme to molecular genetics of telomerase in yeast and telomerase-telomere interactions in cultured human cells. Art has contributed to numerous ground-breaking papers in high-impact journals including Cell, Science and Nature (and RNA). In addition to his outstanding experimental abilities, Art has mentored dozens of undergraduate and PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows - many of whom have gone on to be luminaries themselves in advancing our understanding of RNA form and function. Art was praised for leading by example and creating a rigorous and supportive environment in the lab. The RNA Society could not be more pleased to present Art with this inaugural award and recognize his long career as a creative, rigorous, and innovative RNA scientist.