Two Postdoctoral Positions in Mitochondrial RNA Biology - Boston University Medical Campus

Posted on March 28,

Two Postdoctoral Associate positions are available in the laboratories of Profs. Inna and Ruslan Afasizhev at the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, Boston University Medical Campus. We study mitochondrial RNA biology in protozoan parasites with emphasis on transcription, mRNA editing, polyadenylation, stability and translation, and small RNA biogenesis. Our collaborations extend into Cryo-EM and crystallography, mass spectrometry, super-resolution microscopy, and bioinformatics. For details, please see publications listed below. Position #1 requires strong background in molecular biology and biochemistry, and a record of reputable peer-reviewed publications. Experience in RNA-Seq, ribosome profiling, protein purification or mass spectrometry is desirable. Position #2 is for an accomplished bioinformatician interested in joining a state-of-the-art molecular laboratory to collaborate on deep sequencing and interactomics projects. Starting postdoc salary at BU is $55,000 plus generous health insurance benefits. More senior applicants will be considered at the level commensurate with experience. NIH funding will be provided for at least three years. Boston University Medical Campus is in the vibrant South End area and offers a supportive environment, unlimited networking possibilities in a thriving academic and biotech community, excellent core facilities and outstanding cultural and recreational opportunities.

To apply, please send a letter of intent, CV and contact information for three references to [email protected].

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