Senior/Principal Scientist, RNA Biology

Posted on December 8,

Who we are:
ReviR Therapeutics is an early-stage biotech company focusing on the discovery and development of novel medicines directly targeting RNA to treat human disease. We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists, working at the forefront of machine learning and RNA biology to reach disease targets previously considered “undruggable” by leveraging the inherent biology embedded within RNA. If you are passionate about RNA biology, excited by early-stage drug discovery, and enjoy problem solving, please apply!

Position Description:
Our RNA Biology team in South San Francisco is seeking Senior/Principal Scientists with a strong RNA biochemistry background to join our efforts in discovering novel RNA-targeted therapeutics. Ideal candidates will lead independent programs employing cutting edge techniques to develop novel RNA therapeutics and advance therapeutic candidate discovery for disease areas such as oncology, neurological disorders, and infectious disease. Successful candidates should be extremely self-motivated, highly creative, have significant experience and mechanistic understanding of aspects of the RNA life cycle (e.g. mRNA processing, RNA degradation, mRNA translation, RNPs, etc.), and have a strong drive to lead an independent research program in a start-up environment.


  • Develop and apply high throughput technologies to drive small molecule drug and target discovery programs, validate hits, and explore mechanisms of small molecule candidates in disease models
  • Design, perform, analyze, and troubleshoot a range of cell- and molecular biology-based assays
  • Work effectively and closely with cross discipline teams across multiple fields, including computational biology and chemistry
  • Lead external collaborations with industry and academic groups
  • Hone scientific and technical expertise by remaining up to date on the relevant literature and attend workshops and conferences
  • Hire, train, and manage junior scientists


· Ph.D. in Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Genetics, or related field with 0-5 years (Senior Scientist) or > 5 years (Principal Scientist) of academic and/or industry experience
· Extensive experience in mammalian cell culture, cell-based assays, and disease models is required including expertise with genetic perturbation (e.g. CRISPR and shRNA)
· Hands on expertise in molecular biology techniques for interrogating RNA structure-function relationships, RNA-protein interactions, RNP function (e.g. RNA-seq, RIP-seq, SHAPE-seq or other chemical probing methods, Ribo-seq, scRNA-seq. etc.)
· Proven track-record of research productivity, innovation, and teamwork/collaboration
· Ability to independently design and troubleshoot high throughput screening efforts is highly desired
· Experience in data analysis using Python or R is a significant plus

Please send your cover letter and/or CV to: [email protected]
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