RNA Salons

Launched in 2016, the RNA Salon program provides financial support for recurring local/regional RNA science-based activities held at academic institutions throughout the world. With the aim of promoting engagement and interaction among RNA scientists, the RNA SOCIETY hopes to advance the training and professional development of RNA researchers, with a particular focus on junior trainees.

In its inaugural year (2016/2017), the RNA SOCIETY provided support for 29 RNA Salon locations. Based on the broad participation and enthusiastic feedback from organizers and participants, the RNA SOCIETY expanded the scope of this program and provided financial support for 37 Salons during the 2017/2018 series. This 2nd season witnessed an increase in the variety of innovative and engaging activities that engaged an overwhelming 4,000 RNA scientists (see below for a complete list of RNA Salons supported in 2017/18).

To recognized the efforts of RNA Salon organizers and highlight the interactive events held under the RNA Salon program, individual Salons and their activities are highlighted on the RNA SOCIETY website.

Please read here for a Summary of RNA Salon Activities 2017/18 supported by the RNA Society. This summary was presented to the RNA Society Board in May 2018.

2018/19 RNA Salon funding announcement

The RNA SOCIETY is please to announce that financial support for RNA Salon initiatives for the 2018/2019 academic year is available. For this third season, the RNA SOCIETY is pleased to announce that RNA Salon funding will be increased to $1,500.00 USD. This increase has been made possible through a partnership with Lexogen, our exclusive industry co-sponsor for this initiative (please note that RNA Salon applicants may opt out of receiving co-sponsorship funds by Lexogen; see ‘Guidelines for Application’ and the formal ‘RNA Salon Application’ for more details).

As in past years, RNA Salon activities must be broadly aimed at enhancing interaction between RNA researchers with diverse expertise/interest in RNA science so as to facilitate communication and training opportunities in RNA research and promote scientific professional development for RNA scientists. We are looking to support applications outlining diverse activities that broadly benefit your local RNA community, with particular interest in events that promote training and professional development opportunities for junior researchers.

A detailed ‘Guidelines for Application’ document can be found here

The application form for RNA Salons 2018/19 is available here

2018/2019 RNA Salon applications must be submitted prior to September 4th, 2018 to Dr. Ute Kothe at RNASalon@nullrnasociety.org.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to team-up with the RNA SOCIETY and enhance your local/regional RNA community!

Ute Kothe and Kristian Baker
Membership Committee, RNA Society

RNA Salons 2017/18

RNA Salon Location Organizers
Arizona RNA Salon Tucson & Phoenix Arizona, USA May Khanna, Ross Buchan, Kurt Gustin
ARRTI Speaker Series Lethbridge, AB, Canada Hans-Joachim Wieden
BCM RNA and Chromatin Group Houston, TX, USA Tom Cooper, Thomas Westbrook, Charles Y. Lin
Boston University School of Medicine RNA Club Boston, MA, USA Daniel Cifuentes, Ruslan Afasizhev
Cambridge RNA Club Cambridge, UK Eric Miska, Apler Akay, David Jordan
Chicago RNA Club Chicago, USA Tao Pan, Molly Evans
Club de RNA de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina Graciela Lidia Boccaccio, Micaela Godoy Hertz
Colorado RNA Salon Colorado, USA Jay Hesselberth, Deborah Wuttke
Dutch RNA Network Netherlands Yaël Nossent, Derick Wansink
HMS Initiative for RNA Medicine Seminar Series Boston, MA, USA Frank Slack
Hong Kong RNA Clug City University of Hong Kong Chun Kit Kwok, Minh Le
Hudson Valley Rna Club (HVRC) Hudson Valley / Albany, NY, USA Marlene Belfort, Gabriele Fuchs, Joan Curcio
Hungarian RNA Salons Budapest, Hungary Tamas Orban, Jozsef Burgyan, Vellai Tibor
London RNA Club London, UK Andres Ramos, Virginia Castilla-Llorente, Jernej Ule
Manchester RNA Salon Greater Manchester, UK Gianpiero Di Leva, Marta Buzzetti, Taron Langford
meRNA Victoria, Melbourne, Australia Peter Boag, Minni Anko, Simone Beckham
Minnesota RNA Supergroup Minnesota, USA Aaron Goldstrohm, Aaron Engelhart
NC RNA Society Research in Progress Salon Chapel Hill, NC, USA Alain Laederach, Hashimi Al Hashimi, Lela Lackey
Noncoding RNA and Therapeutic Discovery Interest Group Philadelphia, PA, USA Nathan Baird, Kayleigh McGovern-Gooch, Stuart Le Grice, Fardokht Abulwerdi
Perth RNA Club Perth, Western Australia Archa Fox, Charles Bond, Alina Naveed
RiboClub Monthly Seminar Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Sherif abou Elela
RNA Club Warsaw Warsaw, Poland Janusz Bujnicki, Adriana Zyla, Tomasz Wirecki
RNA Group at the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA, USA Kristen W Lynch
RNA Maxigroup Madison, Wisconsin, USA Marvin Wickens
RNA network Australasia (RnA), ACT Branch Canberra, Australia Thomas Preiss, Tony Millar, Ming-Bo Wang
RNA Salon at Columbia University New York, USA Laura Landweber
RNA Salon Poznan Poznan, Poland Artur Jarmolowski, Mikolaj Olejniczak
RNA Society-sponsored RNA Salon Rochester, New York, USA Lynne Maquat
RMU RNA Salon “Genomics approaches in RNA biology” Rhine-Main area, Germany Tobias Schmid, Kathi Zarnack, Michaela Mueller-McNicoll, Julian Koenig, Oliver Rossbach
San Diego RNA Salon California, USA Brian Zid, Gene Yeo, Amy Pasquinelli
Seminars on non-coding RNAs Buenos Aires- Bernal-Rosario, Argentia & Uruguay & Chile Cecilia Quiroga, Claudio Valverde
Singapore RNA Biology Alliance Singapore Gene Yeo, Xavier Roca, Katannya Kapeli
Stras-RNA Salon Strasbourg, France Laurence Marechal-Drouard, Pascale Romby
Toronto RNA Club Southern ON, Canada Julie Claycomb, Alexander Palazzo, Eliza Lee
Trento RNA Salon Trento, Italy Michela Denti, Simone Detassis
Uconn RNA Salon Storrs, CT, USA Jessica Rouge, Saketh Gudipati
VBC RNA Club Vienna, Austria Stefan Ameres, Julius Brennecke, Andrea Pauli