Research Laboratory Manager/Technician Lead in the Brito Querido Lab

Posted on October 31,

The Department of Biological Chemistry at the Unversity of Michigan Medical School is seeking a Research Laboratory Manager/Technician Lead to work in Dr. Jay Brito Querido's lab. The lab uses cryo-electron microscopy and biochemical approaches to study the role of a family of enzymes called DEAD-box helicases in the regulation of mRNA translation in humans and how this process is regulated in health and disease. 

The applicant will be involved in several research projects, and will have opportunities to make original scientific contributions, interpret and analyze results under the guidance of other senior researchers in the lab. The primary responsibilities include working with cell cultures and expressing and purifying recombinant proteins. A successful candidate will have strong experience in protein purification from different sources. Experience in protein expression and purification using baculovirus expression systems is an advantage.

The primary responsibilities include assisting other lab members by preparing reagents, maintaining lab equipment, and ordering lab supplies.

In addition, candidates will be expected to provide lab management support in the form of routine laboratory maintenance (inventory-keeping, preparation of stocks and buffers, dish-wash and autoclave, etc.), record keeping, and compliance with University of Michigan regulations.

Required Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences or related field with at least 2-3 laboratory research experience. The ability to work productively in a team environment wtih people from diverse backgrounds. The successful candidate will be highly motivated, able to multi-task efficiently, work independently and be committed to research. Some evening and weekend work may be required. 

Desired Qualifications
Master’s degree or Ph.D. degree in biological sciences or related field. Strong experience in protein expression and purification.

To apply: