Recombinant protein engineer for RNA therapeutic development

Posted on November 3,


The Research Associate I or II will responsible for providing advanced technical research skills and establishing test methods and procedures under the direction of a Scientist (Faculty). This is a full-time staff position. Ideal candidates will have a strong background in designing, evaluating, customizing, and purifying recombinant proteins (preferably with proteins related to aspects of RNA metabolism). Prior RNA molecular biology and mammalian tissue culture experience and previous experience with RNA extraction and purification, in vitro transcription, western blotting, qPCR, and RNA processing steps would all be useful as well.  This position will not involve work with animals, but candidates can get/build animal experience via our lab’s collaborators if they desire. Formal leadership training and training in cGMP RNA manufacturing are also possible if the applicant wishes to pursue them.

The Kiss RNA Lab is an externally-funded (existing support from NIH, CPRIT, AHA and CEPI (pending)) working on both basic science and translational research projects in the fields of RNA molecular Biology and RNA Therapeutics. We are seeking a recombinant protein engineer for an opening as a Research Associate II (candidates meeting the requirements for either postdocs or Research Associate I’s will also be considered) to work in a lab at the convergence of RNA biochemistry and molecular biology and applying that knowledge to help develop RNA therapeutics focusing on infectious diseases, cancer, and other key areas.

Candidates will have the opportunity to do both basic science and translational research as they work in a fast-paced and collaborative research environment in the heart of the Texas Medical Center at the Houston Methodist Research Institute.  They will learn new RNA molecular biology skills and use their skills to design and develop new candidate RNA therapeutics in the lab of Dr. Daniel Kiss The Kiss RNA lab is part of the Houston Methodist Research Institute’s Center for RNA Therapeutics ( which aims to develop new RNA-based therapies to treat human diseases. Other projects focusing on the lab’s NIH and AHA-funded basic science research are also available as a companion to the research associate’s RNA therapeutics project(s).

Excellent organization, communication and critical thinking skills, the ability to work both independently and in a team-based environment, plus self-motivation are also prerequisites. Candidates will help develop novel RNA therapies and aid in refining pipelines to produce RNA therapies in the lab of Dr. Daniel Kiss.

The position is funded (by a combination of NIH, CEPI, and philanthropic funds) for at least two years. If interested, please attach a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and list of three references with your application. In your letter of interest, please describe your research background, interests and future career goals.

The Kiss RNA Lab is committed to enhancing diversity in scientific research and has a strong history of hiring and training diverse team members. Candidates belonging to underrepresented groups, those with non-traditional career tracks, and those interested in eventually transitioning to industry positions are strongly encouraged to apply.  Your training will be tailored to you with an individual development plan (IDP) which will focus on aspects of research relevant to your long-term career goals (including those away from the bench).  For those that want to gain experience to eventually transition to an industry track, we can partner with Houston Methodist Hospital’s RNA Core to offer training in (& give you hands-on experience with) both GLP and cGMP RNA manufacturing.

Ideally, the Research Associate would start before the end of 2022, but a later start date will be accommodated for the best applicant. If interested, please include:

(a) a letter of interest,
(b) curriculum vitae,
(c) a PDF of a recent publication/preprint (if available), and
(d) a list of three references with your application.

In your letter of interest, please describe your research background, how your previous research qualifies you for this opening, your contribution to your publication(s) and your future interests and career goals.  Please email materials to: [email protected]


Research Associate I = Master’s degree + ≥ 5 years of experience

Or        PhD degree + ≥ 2 years of experience 

Research Associate II = Terminal degree + ≥ 6 years of experience 


≥ 2 years, depending on degree