Postdoctoral Scientist in RNA Processing and Microscopy Instrumentation at UW-Madison

Posted on August 29,

We are recruiting a highly motivated postdoctoral scientist interested in using cutting-edge microscopy-based methods to study macromolecular machines involved in eukaryotic post-transcriptional gene regulation and RNA processing. 

A number of research areas await exploration, and a current major focus of the lab is in applying new, high-throughput methods in microscopy for biochemical studies of ribonucleoproteins and RNA/protein interactions. The ideal candidate would be willing to devote research time towards a combination of microscope tool construction, microscopy data analysis, and wet lab experiments. 

We are especially interested in candidates with previous experience in optical or force microscopy (including microscope construction and single molecule methods such as smFRET or TIRF) who want to learn methods in nucleic acids biochemistry and molecular biology and to learn about the biology of eukaryotic gene expression and regulation. However, any interested and qualified applicant should be encouraged to apply. Qualified applicants should have a PhD in Biochemistry or Biophysics or related field and extensive experience in working with RNA, nucleic acids, computational biology, or single molecule biophysical methods. Top candidates will show strong interest in being part of vibrant research teams and communities, mentoring of junior scientists, and in promoting inclusion and diversity in science. 

These funded positions may start as early as Fall 2022. Interested applicants should email Dr. Aaron Hoskins ([email protected]) a CV and letter of introduction including the completion (or expected completion) date of their PhD studies, proposed start date, a list of publications, names of three references who may be contacted for letters, and a brief description of future research interests.