Postdoctoral Researcher Position

Posted on July 6,

A Postdoctoral Researcher Position is available in the Laboratory of Dr. Mingyi Xie (Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cancer Center, School of Medicine, University of Florida) to study non-coding RNA mediated gene regulation in cancer and neuronal diseases. Specific directions include molecular mechanisms regulating microRNA abundance, RNA modifications (m6A) in non-coding RNAs and Integrator complex-mediated RNA processing.

Lab webpage:

Applicants should submit the following to [email protected]:

1)    Cover letter stating laboratory experience in RNA/protein biochemistry and bioinformatics; your long-term career goals; date of availability to begin postdoc research/technician
2)    Curriculum vitae (including publications and awards/honors)
3)    List of at least three references