Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California San Diego

Posted on December 15,

We are seeking candidates for a multi-year, fully funded postdoctoral position focused on studying noncoding RNAs and their roles in human disease. Multiple potential projects are available. 

• Ph.D. in Biology, Genetics, or related field
• Experience with mammalian cell culture, mouse genetics, and patient samples
• Proficiency with genetic perturbation experiments (CRISPR, RNAi) and techniques to study chromatin, RNA, and RNA-protein functions (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, RIP-seq, ATAC-seq)
• Track record of productivity and independence
• Experience in bioinformatics and data analysis (e.g. R, Python) is a bonus 

Description and Environment:
The principal interest of our laboratory is to decipher the functional noncoding elements of the human genome with particular focus on noncoding RNAs linked to human diseases. Our model systems are primary human epithelial cells, organoid human skin tissue models, and mice.

The Sun Laboratory ( is located on the medical campus of the University of California San Diego at the Altman Clinical Translational Research Institute ( and shares an open plan laboratory with four other NIH-funded investigators with expertise in the microbiome, immunology, cancer genetics, and genomics. Our environment fosters collaboration and collegiality between laboratories and encourages interaction across different disciplines. We enjoy strong connections with the hospital and clinic that promote the collection and study of human tissues and patient samples.

Contact info:
Interested candidates please send a cover letter and CV to Bryan Sun: [email protected]