Postdoctoral Research Opportunity:
Innate immune sensing of Z-form RNA

Posted on March 8,

Oberst Lab
Dept. of Immunology
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA

The Oberst Lab at the University of Washington ( seeks a motivated postdoctoral researcher for a project focusing on the formation and innate immune sensing of Z-form RNA species in models of antiviral immunity and autoimmunity. This poorly-understood form of RNA is thought to activate the sensor ZBP1 to promote inflammation and cell death; the Oberst Lab has developed novel models of this process, and seeks to use them to understand how this form of RNA controls cellular stress responses and cell death. Applicants should have a successful academic track record that includes the study of immune responses to nucleic acids using both tissue culture and murine models. Experience analyzing and interpreting RNAseq and scRNAseq datasets is also most welcome.

The successful applicant will join a diverse and well-funded research team studying host-pathogen interactions, cancer immunology and neuoimmunology. The Oberst Lab is located in the heart of beautiful Seattle, where team members enjoy the highly collaborative environment of the University of Washington’s Department of Immunology and the Seattle area’s thriving research community. Please see our website, referenced above, for more information.

Please send CVs, or requests for additional information, to: [email protected]