Postdoctoral Positions available at Yale School of Medicine – Exploring translational control mechanisms and engineering translation enhancers for therapeutic mRNAs

Posted on March 28,

Industry-curious? Die-hard academic job seeker? This postdoc opportunity is for you! Two jointly mentored postdoc positions are immediately available in the collaborating laboratories of Wendy Gilbert (Dept. of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry) and Carson Thoreen (Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Physiology) at Yale School of Medicine. The project will include training and mentorship across both laboratories. Two friendly and supportive mentors for the price of one! Planning for an academic career? We can help with that! Recent postdocs have won K99's and multiple tenure-track offers. Think you're headed to industry? We can help you network: this project is funded by Pfizer's Innovative Target Exploration Network (iTEN RNA2021) and includes regular joint meetings with top Pfizer scientists.

Still reading? Great! Read on: We are looking for energetic and creative individuals to discover principles of translational control in human cells and use this knowledge to design a new generation of therapeutic mRNAs. We use massively parallel reporter systems in vitro and in cellulo to dissect the process of translation initiation and engineer RNA-encoded translation enhancer elements that maximize the protein output of mRNA therapeutics. See Niederer Cell Systems 2022 and Philippe PNAS 2020 for the flavor. Experience in molecular biology, RNA/protein biochemistry, and/or bioinformatics are welcomed. Position requires a PhD, MD, or equivalent. Applications are also welcome from PhD students who will graduate this spring (for a summer start date). Email your CV and a brief cover letter describing your research interests to Wendy and Carson: [email protected][email protected]).