Postdoctoral Position to investigate tRNA biology in Leukemia at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Posted on March 9,

Exciting opportunity for a Postdoctoral position in Dr. Palaniraja Thandapani’s lab at MD Anderson Cancer Centre (MDACC), Department of Hematopoietic Biology & Malignancy. The major focus of the lab is to study tRNA expression and epitranscriptomic regulation of gene expression in normal and malignant hematopoiesis. We had recently identified altered tRNA biogenesis as an indicator of tumor specific amino acid demand for protein synthesis in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) ( These results have revealed that understanding tRNA deregulation can reveal novel targetable dependencies in tumors.

To explore these avenues, the lab will utilize MDACC’s rich resources in human samples and patient derived tumor models and apply novel approaches (Next Gen Sequencing, Nanopore sequencing) to profile tRNA expression and epitranscriptomic changes across leukemia subtypes, normal hematopoietic subsets and integrate this information with functional CRISPR screens, mechanistic studies and novel approaches (dietary, RNA therapeutics, synthetic lethality) to gain insights into tRNA deregulation and develop novel therapies for hematological malignancies.

The ideal candidate would have a strong background in molecular biology, RNA biology and have a track record of publications/preprints.

Emphasis and time will be committed towards mentoring along with laying clear goals and timelines for successful transitions to academic or industry positions for the fellow in accordance with their evolving preferences. Perfect for candidates seeking direct mentorship from a young investigator, while obtaining the support of senior PIs in the Department of Hematopoietic Biology & Malignancy and the Division of cancer medicine at MDACC. MDACC is part of the dynamic UT Medical scientific community located in the very affordable Houston metropolis.

Visit the Thandapani lab for more information about our lab. Interested candidates,
please apply here.