Postdoctoral Position on Short ncRNAs at Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA)

Posted on May 26,

The Kirino lab at Computational Medicine Center and Department of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology in Thomas Jefferson University is seeking for a motivated postdoctoral researcher to join NIH-funded research projects in short non-coding RNA (ncRNA) biology.

The Kirino lab currently works on four main research areas: 1) Biogenesis pathway of Piwi-interacting RNAs, supported by NIH R01GM106047; 2) Hormone-dependent tRNA-derived ncRNAs in cancers, supported by American Cancer Society grant #RSG-17-059-01-RMC; 3) Cytokine-induced tRNA-derived ncRNAs in asthma, supported by NIH R01HL150560; and 4) Toll-like receptor-induced tRNA-derived ncRNAs in mycobacterial infection, supported by NIH R21AI151641. More information about the Kirino lab can be found here:;

The suitable applicants will be highly motivated to perform RNA biology projects and have: a PhD degree (or equivalent) in the molecular biology or related fields; previous experience in molecular and cell biology (prior experience in RNA biology is preferred); evidence of scholarly ability (record of publications in peer-reviewed journals, etc); and adequate communication skill and writing skills.

Interested individuals should send a CV, contact information of three references, and a cover letter with a statement of future research interests and career goals to: [email protected]

Yohei Kirino Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Computational Medicine Center
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Thomas Jefferson University
1020 Locust Street, Jefferson Alumni Hall 222
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-503-8648
Email: [email protected]