Postdoctoral position in RNA biology and neurodegeneration

Posted on November 17,

The Hayes laboratory in the Department of Neurology/Brain Science Institute is recruiting a post-doctoral fellow for NIH-funded research on RNA-binding protein dynamics, splicing, and neurodegeneration. 

Our laboratory studies the disruption of RNA and protein trafficking in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD), with a particular interest in RNA binding proteins such as TDP-43 and related hnRNPs. We are interested in how RNA processing and nucleocytoplasmic transport intersect to regulate the localization and physiological roles of RNA binding proteins, their disruption in disease, and applying that knowledge to develop novel therapeutics.

Recent studies investigated the disruption of nuclear import by mutant C9orf72-dipeptide repeat proteins (Elife 2020)  and the RNA-based regulation of TDP-43 nuclear export (Cell Reports 2022).

We are located within a collaborative network of neurodegeneration labs at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, providing an outstanding and interdisciplinary training environment. 

Candidates should have a PhD with a strong track-record of peer reviewed publications. Expertise in RNA-protein interactions, splicing, and bioinformatics would be particularly beneficial. We strongly encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply. Positions are fully funded though opportunities for fellowship grant-writing will be encouraged. Interested candidates should email a CV to Dr. Lindsey Hayes ([email protected]). More information is available at