Posted on December 20,

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr Marcos Morgan at NIEHS, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. ( The main goal of the lab is to understand the mechanisms that control cell differentiation. To this end, the successful candidate will lead a research program on post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression mediated by RNA modifications in the male germline. The postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to characterize novel mouse models and develop innovative sequencing protocols. The ability to quantify RNA modifications in vivo will allow the candidate to interrogate physiological processes at a mechanistic level and critically contribute to the rapidly growing field of epitranscriptomics.

Applicants should currently hold a PhD or should be advanced graduate students that already submitted a manuscript to an international journal as the first author. Ideally, they should have worked in one or more of the following areas: mouse development, reproductive biology, RNA biology or bioinformatics. Desirable skills and areas of expertise include preparation of next-generation sequencing libraries, handling of mouse colonies, molecular biology, SSCs or ESCs culture, microscopy, and bioinformatics. The laboratory strives to generate an interdisciplinary environment and would be ideal for any candidate with a “wet lab” background willing to gain experience in “dry lab” methods and vice versa. Or for candidates with experience using in vitro approaches that want to start working with mouse models and vice versa.

The institute offers excellent opportunities for training and state of the art facilities, including FACS, microscopy, transgenics, and sequencing services. Also, the area provides exceptional networking opportunities for career development in government, academia and industry. Located at the heart of the research triangle, one of the biggest research parks in America, NIEHS shares the campus with the Environmental Protection Agency and is close to three outstanding universities; UNC at Chapel Hill, NC State and Duke. The competitive stipend and benefits offered are regulated by the institute’s intramural funding policies and can be found at

The position has an initial two-year duration starting in early-mid 2023. Candidates interested in the opportunity should send a CV, including a list of publications and contact details for three references together with a cover letter indicating research interests and career goals to Dr Marcos Morgan ([email protected]).

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