Postdoctoral position in cryo-EM and translation regulation ‒ from bacteria to neurons
Korostelev Lab, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Posted on November 17,

We study how the ribosome interacts with numerous cellular components to achieve high accuracy and efficiency of gene expression. We’d like to understand the key roles of translation and ribosomes in: (1) Neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative diseases; (2) Bacterial stress signaling and gene regulation (e.g. coupling with transcription); and other aspects of gene expression ( We use a range of approaches, including cryo-EM and biochemistry (see selected references below).
Our laboratory is housed at the RNA Therapeutics Institute, a vibrant and highly interactive research community: Our colleagues are interested in nearly all aspects of RNA biology, from small to large RNAs to RNA chemistry and therapeutics development.
We seek a highly motivated person who very recently received a PhD, or will soon receive a PhD. Applications sent prior to the dissertation defense date are welcome.
If you are interested in using single-particle cryo-EM and in situ (cellular) EM to elucidate cellular mechanisms, submit the following information to [email protected]:
1) Your CV (including your publication list); 2) Cover letter (less than 2 pages) describing:
(i) your previous work - focusing on your most interesting finding(s),
(ii) your scientific interests,
(iii) which aspects of translation regulation are of interest to you.
3) Email addresses of three references.

Selected publications:
• Carbone CE, Demo G, Madireddy R, Svidritskiy E, Korostelev AA. “ArfB can displace mRNA to rescue stalled ribosomes”. Nature Commun. 2020.
• Loveland AB, Demo G, Korostelev AA. “Cryo-EM of elongating ribosome with EF-Tu GTP elucidates tRNA proofreading”. Nature. 2020.
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• Susorov D, Egri S, Korostelev AA. "Termi-Luc: a versatile assay to monitor full-protein release from ribosomes”. RNA. 2020.
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