Postdoctoral position at Yale University in the Grace Chen Lab

Posted on January 26,

We are seeking postdoctoral fellows to join the laboratory of Dr. Grace Chen at Yale University in the Department of Immunobiology. The Chen lab investigates the mechanisms and regulation of circular RNAs (circRNAs), a newly identified class of ubiquitous RNAs in essentially all eukaryotes and some viruses. Thus far, circRNAs have been found to function as miRNA sponges, regulate transcription, and act as templates for translation. However, there are still many unanswered questions: What other functions do circRNAs possess? How are circRNAs degraded? What are their interacting proteins? Specifically, we aim to understand how different layers of regulation including RNA modifications and cellular localization affect RNA function to enable new insights into both normal function and how dysregulation leads to disease. The Chen Laboratory applies molecular, cellular, and chemical biology techniques coupled with next-generation sequencing to address these questions. We aim to generate novel therapies based on our new insight about circRNA function and regulation. For more information, visit

Applicants should have recently completed a Ph.D. degree in molecular biology, chemical biology, immunology or genomics. High priority will be given to those candidates with strong backgrounds in RNA or chemical biology. Interested applicants please send a brief statement of interest and curriculum vitae with contact information for three references to the PI Dr. Grace Chen at [email protected].