Postdoctoral Fellow Positions in RNA Modifications

Posted on December 15,

Funded postdoctoral fellow positions are available in Dr. Kristin Koutmou’s lab at the University of Michigan. Our lab broadly investigates how post-transcriptional RNA modifications impact the interactions between RNAs and molecular machines (e.g. ribosome and viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerases) to post-transcriptionally control gene expression.

Multiple projects are available: (1) exploring the molecular level consequences of mRNA modifications on ribosome speed and accuracy; (2) determining the impact of RNA modifications on flavivirus replication; (3) developing and implementing high-throughput mass-spectrometry based approaches for studying mRNA, tRNA and viral RNA modifications. The positions offer rigorous training opportunities in multiple disciplines. Visit our website for more information:

Applicants should hold a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent). Students who expect to receive their degree within the next 12 months are also encouraged to apply. Work in the Koutmou lab is highly interdisciplinary and researchers with experience in a variety of biochemical fields, including (but not limited to) RNA biology, mass-spectrometry, enzyme kinetics, molecular biology, or bioinformatics will be considered. Projects are tailored to the skills and interests of the individual, and informal inquiries regarding these positions are welcome.

Applicants should send a cover letter, CV including research interests, bibliography, and contact information of three references to Kristin Koutmou: [email protected]