Postdoc in Eukaryotic Ribosome Assembly
Posted on May15

I have a funded post-doc position open in my lab to study ribosome assembly in eukaryotic cells and the impct of faulty assembly on gene expression. Two broad brojects are: 1) Understanding the molecular mechanisms that drive the transition from the SSU Processome (90S) to the pre-40S subunit, using a combination of molecular genetics, cryo-EM, biochemical and cell biological techniques. 2) RNA sequencing-based and genetic apporaches to understand how defective ribosomes impact gene expression at the level of translation. I am looking for a highly motivated person with strong experimental training in protein purification and biochemistry and/or in vivo and in vitro RNA work. Interested candidates should email a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to Dr Arlen Johnson at [email protected]

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The position is available now with the possibility of being extended for three years.