Positions in RNA structure probing and gene regulation at Baylor College of Medicine

Posted on July 6,

Postdoctoral and technician positions are available in the laboratory of Anthony Mustoe in the Therapeutic Innovation Center (THINC) and Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.

The goal of the Mustoe lab is to build chemical and computational technologies to define RNA structure and dynamics in living cells, and to apply these technologies to discover gene regulatory mechanisms in cell development and disease.

The current positions are for a new project funded by a Beckman Young Investigator award (https://www.beckman-foundation.org/latest-news/2022-byi-awardees/).

Prior experience in genomics, computational biology, RNA biochemistry/biology, or stem cell biology is beneficial.

Interested candidates should email a CV to anthony.mustoe[at]bcm.edu, along with a brief cover letter describing your research interests, career goals, and specific interest in pursuing a position in the Mustoe lab.

For more information, visit mustoelab.org