PhD position in eukaryotic microbiology - RNA biology at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Posted on May 16,

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated PhD student interested in eukaryotic microbiology and RNA biology. The PhD-position is placed in Fredrik Söderbom’s research group at the Microbiology and Immunology program at the department of Cell and Molecular Biology

PhD project: Evolution of non-coding RNAs and their role in the transition from uni- to multicellularity

General description
Small non-coding (nc)RNAs are involved in numerous biological processes, commonly by regulating gene expression. For example, it has been estimated that the majority of human genes is regulated by a particular class of ncRNAs - micro (mi)RNAs. Important questions in biology are how and when miRNAs and other ncRNAs evolved. The observation that organism complexity correlates with the number of genes for ncRNAs has led to the hypothesis that ncRNAs is a driving force for the evolution of multicellularity. Within the PhD project, we will study how miRNAs and other ncRNAs, and their associated proteins, influence the evolution of multicellularity. For these studies we will use organisms with facultative multicellularity, i.e. organisms that can alter between uni- and multicellular life styles. For functional studies, we will mainly use the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideumas a model organism. The project will include different molecular, genetic, and bioinformatic methods such as large-scale sequencing of RNA, fluorescent microscopy, and gene knock-outs.

At the start of the PhD position, the applicant must have a master´s degree in microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, or another subject, which the employer considers to be equivalent. The applicant must have good ability to work independently as well as together in a group. A prerequisite is strong written and oral communication skills in English. Assessment of personal suitability will be an important aspect in the selection.

Your application must be written in English and include:

  • A personal letter where you describe yourself, your research interest, relevant experience and why you are interested in the PhD position (max 2 pages).
  • A CV describing your education and other qualifications/merits and certified copies of your diplomas and if applicable list of publications.
  • Master thesis
  • One letter of recommendation and contact information to at least two references.

Please submit your application by May 25, 2022.

Application must be submitted through Uppsala University´s recruitment system. For more information and to access the application system:

For further information about the position, please contact: Fredrik Söderbom, [email protected].