Looking for a Highly Motivated Postdoc to Join the Epigenetic and Cellular Microbiology Group

Posted on October 23,

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoc to join us in a stimulating, international environment at the INRAE campus located close to Paris (University Paris-Saclay). The candidate will join the Epigenetic and Cellular Microbiology group (https://www.micalis.fr/micalis_eng/Poles-and-teams/Pole-Bacterial-Adaptation-and-Pathogenesis/Epigenetics-and-Cellular-Microbiology-Helene-Bierne) which comprises an international, collaborative team aiming at understanding how the bacterial pathogen L. monocytogenes reprograms mammalian cells during infection.

The successful candidate will develop a research project aiming to characterize the effect of a secreted bacterial effector in the regulation of host RNA metabolism with special focus on RNA splicing. The candidate will use a combination of molecular and cellular approaches to characterize the host RNA interacting partners of this bacterial effector and the relevance of this interaction in the context of L. monocytogenes infection.

Candidate Profile

We are looking for a highly driven, motivated and enthusiastic candidate with the following qualifications:

  • PhD required
  • Strong experience in RNA biology and molecular biology techniques is mandatory
  • Ability to work independently
  • Motivated to learn and develop techniques in new settings
  • Good communication skills and team spirit


  • ANR-funded 2 years position starting from 1st March 2021. Application deadline 28th February 2021
  • Please send your CV and at least two letters of recommendation to [email protected]