Publishing and
the Editorial process

Join us on Sat, June 15, starting at 11:30!
Tired of a 1-2 year review process before your manuscript gets accepted? Want to know why it takes so much time and what could we do to improve the system? Want to talk directly with some Editors (chiefs, seniors, reviewers) to understand the review process, their view on open access, or unpublished pre-prints? This is the time to join our workshop then!

We are excited to be hosting our “Publishing and the Editorial process” workshop, which will bring together Editors from a variety of scientific journals to discuss together with you the following topics:

o Difference between open access and standard subscription-based publication
o Policies regarding open access (current EU laws versus US laws)
o Dilemma between unpublished pre-prints (BioRxiv) and peer-reviewed articles, including concerns regarding the possibility of refusing publication if a manuscript has been shared as unpublished pre-print.
o The review process in general:
• differences in the review process between the different journals
• what each journal requires for publishing
• transparency of the review process

The workshop will start with brief presentations from each Editor representing their Journal, followed by an open panel discussion.


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