Careers Beyond Academia

We are excited to be hosting our career development workshop entitled “Careers Beyond Academia”. This workshop will bring leading scientists from the biotechnology sector representing various career stages and trajectories, from scientists with more than 20 years experience in biotechs, to young Postdocs who recently started their own Startup.

Confirmed session speakers include:

Dr. Rachel Haurwitz, CEO of Caribou Biosciences
Dr. Leah Makley, president and CEO of Viewpoint Therapeutics
Dr. Donald McCarthy, Co-founder of Empire Biotechnologies
Dr. James Kiefer, Senior Scientist and Associate Director of the Structural Biology department at Genentech
Dr. Ron Batra, Genomics Scientist at Verily Life Sciences

Following brief presentations, we will open a discussion panel and focus on various strategies and skill sets necessary for navigating transitions from academia to industry and biotech career paths.


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Join us on Thu, May 31st, starting from 16:30!