RNA Junior Scientists

Each year approximately 500 junior scientists (postdoctoral fellows and graduate students) meet at the annual meeting of the RNA Society to present posters and oral presentations among the world’s best and brightest in the field of RNA biology.  The mission of the RNA junior scientists is to promote networking and career building opportunities among graduate students, postdocs and early career scientists belonging to the RNA society. We aim to provide awareness of resources and opportunities for collaboration within this network of scientists. We will highlight breakthroughs in the RNA field, relevant workshops, awards, funding opportunities, events and meetings to foster meaningful interactions among RNA society junior scientists above and beyond those that occur at the annual meetings.


Junior Scientist Committee Representatives


Eleonora de Klerk Returning Postdoc Representative

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF (University of California, San Francisco – USA), in the laboratory of Dr. Matthias Hebrok. Hebrok’s Lab focuses on pancreatic alpha and ß-cell
biology, with an interest in signaling pathways that affect the function, proliferation and/or survival of insulin/glucagon producing cells, and those that promote the formation of alpha and ß-cells from uncommitted stem cells. I am currently working on stem cell-derived beta cells, specifically performing CRISPR screenings to uncover genes which can overcome two main bottlenecks in the generation of stem cell-derived ß-cells: limited amount of insulin producing cells and dedifferentiation of ß-cells over time, with the long-term objective of generating hESC-derived and hIPSC-derived ß-cells that can be used to treat diabetic patients in the near future.

I’ve been part of the Junior Scientist Committee for two years, with the main goal of helping
connecting PhDs and Postdocs working in the RNA field, hoping to facilitate the sharing of
knowledge and to create bridges between labs. Last year in Berkeley we definitely had a great
time and I am already looking forward to seeing you all again in Krakow, Poland this spring!


Anzer Khan Incoming Graduate Student Representative

I am from India, I did my undergraduate studies at University of Delhi and postgraduate studies at South Asian University. I joined Prof. Mary O´Connell lab in 2016 as a doctoral student at Central European Institute of technology (CEITEC), Brno. My doctoral thesis is focused on the role of RNA editing enzyme (ADAR) in Drosophila development and immunity. I have been actively involved in many student initiatives at CEITEC. I have also learnt about the importance of networking. As part of the RNA Society’s junior scientist committee, I would like to connect with more people who are working in the field of RNA biology, and organize some interesting activities during the upcoming annual meeting of the RNA society.


Malgorzata Rogalska Incoming Postdoc Representative

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the laboratory of Juan Valcárcel Juárez at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, Spain studying regulation of pre-mRNA alternative splicing during cell differentiation, development and disease. My research project uses transcriptome-wide sequencing merged with network analysis and biochemical studies in order to deepen our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of splicing regulation.

The thing that inspires me the most about the RNA Society is the true sense of community among its members. As part of the committee, I am looking forward to joining the network of young scientists and enhancing the exchange of ideas between the professionals from all over the world and at different stages in their careers.


Faculty Advisors: Katrin Karbstein (Scripps Research Institute Florida) and Samuel Butcher (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Help us build the junior scientist community throughout the year!

Stay connected to your colleagues throughout the year via social media (we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). We encourage discussions and posts- feel free to post your successes (such as recently published papers), unsuccesses and your questions. The Facebook page is public, whereas the LinkedIn group is private, so feel free to post more specific questions, topics, or job postings.

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