Welcome to the RNA Junior Scientists! Who are we?

This year, the RNA Junior Scientists Committee is excited to invite you to the following events:

Pre-meeting activity on Tue, May 29th:
Discover SF by Bike!

Junior Scientist Social on Wed, May 30th: this junior scientist-only social is a great opportunity to meet your peers, unwind, socialize! Come have a drink with us!

Workshop “Careers beyond academia” on Thu, May 31st: the Junior Scientist Committee aims at engaging young scientists in career development through a workshop that aims at highlighting the skills required and the preparation needed to broaden the perspective of young scientists looking to explore future careers in established biotech companies and Startups! See list of invited speakers here.


 Join us for a fun scientific experience!

The RNA Junior Committee members:
Kristopher Brannan
Eleonora de Klerk
Julie Loiselle
Fadi Bahjat Marayati