Staff Scientist, RNA Biologist, Laboratory of Dr. Vivian Cheung, University of Michigan

We have an opening for an RNA biologist in the laboratory of Dr. Vivian Cheung at the University of Michigan. Dr. Cheung’s laboratory studies basic mechanisms in RNA, particularly the regulatory roles of RNA structure and sequence.  The laboratory leverages knowledge in human genetics, yeast biology, and nucleic acid chemistry to advance the understanding of how RNA regulates cellular function.  They bring these results to improve mechanistic understanding of motor neuron diseases.

This position will be responsible for designing and carrying out experimental and analytical work.  Experiments will include characterization of RNA-protein interactions, RNA immunoprecipitation, isolation and characterization of nascent RNA, messenger RNA and ribosomal RNA, as well as various genome-wide analyses such as RNA sequencing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Research:  80%.  Develop and implement experiments, as well as identify methodological problems in research protocols and develop solutions to those problems.  It will require innovative techniques and systems to meet research goals.  It will include the use of sequencing, mass spectrometry, and microscopy.  Deliver results from mutagenesis experiments in human cells, analysis of yeast mutants, gene silencing and overexpression studies.

Data analysis:   20%.  Work with informaticians in the lab to analyze sequencing and mass spectrometry data.  Analyze data to characterize RNA-binding proteins, to determine how RNA sequences affect protein interactions and activities.

Required Education/Skills

  • Ph.D. or MD or commensurate work experience required
  • At least 5 years of experience working in a molecular biology laboratory including human cell and yeast cultures, and familiarity with bioinformatics
  • Strong background in molecular biology, with experience in high-throughput sequencing, human genetics and yeast biology
  • Strong background in chemistry is highly desired
  • Ability to work independently with strong communication skills