Scientist/Senior Scientist – Cell & Molecular Biology


Flagship Labs 63 Inc. (FL63) is a privately held, well-funded, early-stage platform biotechnology company that is leveraging emerging insights in RNA biology to develop novel human therapeutics with a focus on mRNA translation and post-transcriptional RNA modifications.

FL63 was founded by Flagship Pioneering, an innovation enterprise that conceives, resources and grows first-in-category life science companies. The firm’s institutional innovation foundry, Flagship VentureLabs, is where teams of scientific entrepreneurs systematically evolve ideas and turn previously undiscovered areas of science into real-world ventures. Flagship manages >$2.4B in funds and has applied its hypothesis-driven innovation process to foster 75 scientific enterprises. These companies represent >$19B in aggregate value, have been issued 500+ patents, and have conducted >50 clinical trials for novel therapeutic agents. Flagship’s portfolio companies include Seres Therapeutics, Rubius Therapeutics, Moderna, Syros Pharmaceuticals, Axcella Health, Evelo Biosciences and Indigo Agriculture.

FL63 is a highly dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovation-driven organization seeking to hire an exceptional scientist to join our growing team. A successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in cell/molecular biology (or equivalent), an additional 3-5 years of relevant experience, and a proven track-record of scientific excellence as evidenced by a strong publication and/or patent record. The candidate’s career goals, laboratory skills, and core competencies should be aligned with the description below.

Key Outcomes:
1. Design, execute, and interpret multiple experimental workflows including human cellular and molecular biology assays.
2. Internalize and develop novel technologies related to the company’s mission.
3. Continually cultivate scientific/technical expertise through critical review of the scientific literature, attending external conferences, and developing relationships with key opinion leaders.
4. Work effectively with a cross-functional biology, technology, and chemistry team to contribute to the vision, strategy, and tactics of the organization.
5. Willing to work hands-on in the wet lab for the first 1-3 years and to recruit/develop a team in 2-5 years.

Required Skills:
1. Strong cell biology background, especially the cultivation of suspension and adherent human cell lines.
2. Experience with quantitative cell analysis including cell viability, proliferation, cell cycle, migration/invasion, differentiation, colony formation, and cell signaling.
3. Background in the design and construction of mammalian expression constructs, transient transfection of plasmids/small RNAs, lentiviral packaging/transduction, and stable cell line production.
4. Knowledge of cell separation techniques (e.g FACS) and cell imaging techniques (e.g. immunofluorescence/FISH) using wide-field fluorescence and confocal microscopy.
5. Quantitation of protein and RNA levels using traditional (e.g. Western/northern blots, IP) and plate-based technologies (e.g. ELISA, qPCR)

Preferred Skills:
1. Exposure to complex cellular systems including primary cells, human ESC/iPSC-derived models, and 3D organoids.
2. Experience with viability- and FACS-based pooled shRNA/CRISPR screening and other massively parallel assay formats.
3. Hands-on experience with RNA-seq and Ribo-seq using the Illumina and/or Nanopore platforms as appropriate.
4. Knowledge of modern statistics-based experimental design methods including Design of Experiments (DoE) models.
5. Expertise in the field of RNA biology.

Core Competencies:
1. Fast-acting/efficient. Moves quickly and proactively with a strong work ethic to produce high-quality results while fostering a positive work environment. Focuses on key priorities. Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.
2. Integrity. Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidences. Does what is right not just what is politically expedient. Speaks plainly and truthfully. Follows-through on commitments. Expects a high level of personal performance and team performance.
3. Critical thinking and innovation. Learns quickly. Demonstrates ability to proficiently understand new information. Able to structure and process qualitative/quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions. Generates new and innovative approaches to problems.
4. Teamwork. Reaches out to peers and cooperates with the team to establish an overall collaborative work environment. Often solicits and responds well to constructive feedback. Possesses good written and oral communication skills.
5. Flexibility/adaptability. Adjusts quickly to changing strategic and tactical priorities.