Postdoctoral Position for Research on Human Argonaute Proteins

A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the Nakanishi lab in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The Ohio State University. We recently revealed that Argonaute3 cleaves RNAs, but the slicing activity heavily depends on the guide RNA unlike Argonaute2 (Mi Seul et al., Nucleic Acids Research, in press). The goal of the project is to understand how four human Argonaute paralogues behave differently. The project will explore the mechanisms of RNA silencing, alternative splicing, defense against viral infection, and long noncoding RNA-mediated biological processes. We also have a protein engineering project of developing Argonaute as a tool.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. and less than five years of postdoctoral experience. Successful applicants should have a significant experimental training in two or more of the following: in vitro RNA transcription, protein expression in human cell lines, high-throughput SHAPE, RNAseq, PAR-CLIP, recombinant protein expression and purification from E. coli and insect cells, ITC, enzyme kinetics, Cryo-EM, X-ray crystallography, SAXS, and programming in Python.

To apply for this position, email to Dr. Kotaro Nakanishi,, including a one-page motivation letter, CV, and three references (email and phone).

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