Postdoctoral position at the Very High Field NMR Center (CRMN) in Lyon

Project: The work will focus on visualizing RNA conformational dynamics and interactions at very high resolution using NMR spectroscopy. This position is provided in the context of a recently accepted ERC project and will be centered on the development of new RNA synthesis to obtain uniquely informative RNA for NMR spectroscopy. By accessing those RNA it will become possible to study highly flexible non-coding RNA at atomic resolution and understand the role of RNA complex conformational dynamics in the biological function.

Requirements: Candidates should hold a PhD in chemistry, molecular biology, biophysics or related field. Skills in RNA biochemistry and spectroscopy are highly desirable. The candidate will be working in an international, collaborative environment and is expected to demonstrate good creative thinking and communication skills.

Lab: The CRMN is a worldwide unique interdisciplinary NMR center (up to 1GHz spectrometers, liquid/solid/DNP). It hosts leading NMR research groups, provides excellent working conditions and is located in Lyon, one of the most dynamic French city, internationally recognized for its life quality.

Application: Interested candidates are welcome to contact me for further information. Application should be submitted via the web interface: and include a cover letter and a CV with a publication list and three references.