Postdoctoral Fellow Positions Available, Lab of Dan Herschlag

The laboratory of Dan Herschlag ( is looking for motivated,
creative and interactive candidates in the following areas:
• RNA tertiary folding: We have developed an RNA Reconstitution Model as a
conceptual framework that can in principle provide quantitative predictions of RNA
folding stability and rates. Continued high-throughput thermodynamic measurements
with the Greenleaf lab (Stanford) will provide the foundation for determining the
conformational landscapes, or ensembles, for individual RNA motifs that can be
combined to predict the folding properties of complex RNAs and RNA/protein
(See DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.05.038 and DOI: 10.1101/cshperspect.a032433)
• RNA/protein interactions: Using the Greenleaf platform, we have for the first time
obtained a fully predictive model for RNA/protein binding. We are interested in
deepening our understanding of RNA/protein recognition and in applying this model to
identify and quantitate the cellular features that determine RNA/protein interactions in
vivo using Quantitative Cellular Biochemistry, which entails parallel high-throughput
quantitative measurements in vitro and in cells.
(See DOI:
The lab provides an excellent training environment and is located in a highly
collaborative and interdisciplinary environment at Stanford. Salary is adjusted for
California’s cost of living. To apply, please send (1) a cover letter, with your specific
research interests in relation to the above project and broader lab research, as well as your
training and career goals; (2) C.V.; and (3) names and contact information of three
references to Morgan Williams (