Postdoctoral Fellow Position Available, Houston Methodist Research Institute

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow (open rank) to work in a lab at the instersection of RNA biology and cancer molecular biology. Candidates will have the opportunity to do both basic science and translational research in a fast-paced and collaborative research environment in the heart of the Texas Medical Center at the Houston Methodist Research Institute mentored by Dr. Daniel Kiss. The Kiss RNA Lab has two main lines of research. The first project investigates how cytoplasmic capping of RNAs modulates the expression of the epitranscriptome in cancer and during different stress responses. The second line of research involves better defining how the FHIT tumor suppressor controls the translation of cancer-linked mRNAs in lung cancer.

Some prior RNA molecular biology experience is required. Previous experience with ribosome profiling, qPCR, polysome gradients, making stable clonal cell lines, and a detailed knowledge of translational control, and RNA processing (specifically alternative splicing and/or polyadenylation) are all particularly useful but not required. This position will not involve work with animals, but may include the handling of deidentified human samples from a tissue bank. Your training will be tailored to you with an individual development plan (IDP) which will focus on the many aspects of research relevant to your long-term career goals (including those away from the bench).

Excellent organizational, communication and critical thinking skills, self-motivation, plus the ability to work both independently and in a team-based environment, are required. Postdocs belonging to underrepresented groups, those with non-traditional career tracks, and those interested in eventually transitioning to industry positions are all encouraged to apply. Postdocs with bioinformatics backgrounds that are looking to learn wet lab techniques are also encouraged to apply.

If interested, please attach a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and list of three references with your application. In your letter of interest, please describe your research background (please link skills to published papers where possible), current research interests and future career goals.

Note: If you are attending RNA 2018 in Berkely, CA between May 29-June 2nd, we can set up an in person interview sometime during the conference.

Start date: After June 1st, 2018
Duration : open, 2 year minimum commitment desired

Daniel L. Kiss, Ph.D.
Scientist, Biomarker Research Program