Postdoctoral Fellow in Immunology

We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow to join our growing research group in the Department of Immunology at the University of Pittsburgh. We work at the interface of immunology and the RNA biology to uncover the functions and the mechanism of novel long noncoding RNAs (lncRNA) and RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) in innate immunity, inflammation, and host defense against RNA viruses.

Our multidisciplinary approach includes RNA-sequencing and bioinformatics to map the lncRNA transcriptome, development and the application of RNA-guided proteomics to identify novel RBPs, primary cell culture and in vivo mouse models for functional studies, and the methodologies in the RNA biochemistry, proteomics and genomics to dissect the RNA-dependent mechanisms.

Some of the ongoing research projects include:

  1. The role of lncRNAs in normal and pathological functions of macrophage
  2. Functions and the mechanism of lncRNAs in type I Interferon signaling
  3. RNA-guided proteomics to dissect host-virus interaction
  4. RBPs in the post-transcriptional regulation of innate immunity

Candidate will have the opportunity to select, and develop their own research based on their expertise and career goals. Candidates with a recent Ph.D., and a strong background in one of these areas are encouraged to apply: 1) immunology, 2) RNA biology, 3) Bioinformatics, and 4) Virology.

The salary is in accordance with the NIH guidelines. The start date is flexible. Candidates should send a CV including the contact information for three references to Dr. Maninjay Atianand ( Graduate students who are close to completing their training are encouraged to send an informal enquiry to discuss potential projects.