Postdoc offer: Structural & Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Ribosome Assembly

An ANR-funded postdoctoral position is available in UMR7156 – GMGM (University of Strasbourg, CNRS) for a research project on structural, molecular and biochemical aspects of two highly conserved mitochondrial ribosome assembly factors, involved in critical steps of mitoribosome maturation and associated with severe mitochondrial diseases in human.

Mitochondria inherited from their bacterial ancestors a set of essential proteins required for translation, but also acquired new, mitochondria-specific protein factors to accomplish the assembly of the highly divergent and complex mitochondrial ribosome. Our laboratory studies two such proteins, that turned out to be essential mitoribosome assembly factors with surprising biochemical and structural characteristics and still poorly understood molecular mechanisms. Their phylogenetic distribution suggests that they play critical roles in ribosome biogenesis in the majority of mitochondrial, chloroplast and even bacterial systems and represent promising drug targets in infection- but also cancer-related pathologies. Therefore, it is necessary to reach detailed structural and functional understanding of their activity in the context of ribosome maturation and beyond.

The position, which may start any time in the first half of 2020, is a standard 3-year postdoctoral contract with a net salary of ~2,400 €. A successful candidate is expected to be a highly motivated and autonomous researcher, fluent in English, have a strong background and experience in structural biology and/or biochemistry. Experience in mitochondrial or ribosome biology is not required but may be an asset.

Applications (an informal motivation letter and CV) will be sent directly to Dr Alexandre SMIRNOV and considered until the position is filled.