Post-doctoral Research Associate, University College London, Research Dept of Structural & Molecular Biology

We are recruiting a post-doctoral Research Associate to investigate the interactions between the RNA binding proteins regulating local mRNA translation in neurons and their RNA and protein partners – and relate these interactions to the mRNA transport, stability and translation functions of the proteins. The Research Associate will use single molecule Microscopy, together with Cell and Molecular Biology methods and transcriptome wide analysis of in cell interactions (e.g. iCLIP) to define the key regulatory principles of the proteins in Neurons at the molecular level. The Research Associate will work in close collaboration with a Structural Biologist within the RNA Regulation Laboratory and with collaborating teams in the UK and US.

The position is available in principle from the 1st of January 2019 to 31st of December 2020, in first instance for two years with the possibility of extension.

The successful candidate will have a PhD (or about to submit) in Cellular and Molecular Biology. The S/he must have skills in cell culture, basic cellular and molecular assays and basic bioinformatics and data analysis. S/he must have experience in RNA Biology. Experience in the iCLIP and equivalent techniques is desirable.

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