Post-doctoral Positions Available, Lyons Lab at Boston University School of Medicine

Post-doctoral positions are available in the Lyons Lab at Boston University School of Medicine. We are a new laboratory; thus, there are ample opportunities for motivated candidates to drive their research in a growing and dynamic environment. Our lab studies cellular stress responses and how cells modulate RNA processing and mRNA translation to promote survival. Perturbations to these pathways can result in devastating disease states. Cancer cells co-opt stress response pathways to promote their survival at the expense of surrounding cells. Alternatively, an ineffective response to cellular insults leads to cell death. Dysregulation of these pathways is particularly detrimental to long-lived cells or cells that have a reduced capacity for self-renewal. As a result, many neurodegenerative diseases result from conditions that alter responses to stress. Our lab is uncovering the molecular determinants of these pathways with an aim at treating disease.

We are actively hiring post-doctoral fellows to aid in the exploration of these topics, including:

  1. How is ribosomal RNA processing and modification altered during a stress response?
  2. How does alteration in ribosomal RNA processing/modification effect ribosome biogenesis or the production of specialized ribosomes?
  3. How do these alterations affect the phase-separated nature of the nucleolus?
  4. How do translation initiation factors promote non-canonical mechanisms of translation initiation during a stress response?
  5. How do non-canonical RNA structures drive cap-independent translation in response to stress?

For more information, visit our lab website:

Candidates with a background in RNA biology, biochemistry or cell biology are encouraged to apply. Approaches will utilize proteomics, high-throughput sequencing and CLIP, immunofluorescence and live imaging, classical biochemistry techniques, and any other techniques that the candidate can bring to the lab. The successful candidate will be encouraged to take on new challenges, learn new technologies, and promote their career by applying for fellowships to foster research independence for their future careers.

There are multiple positions available beginning on October 1st, although the start date is negotiable. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled. Interested applicants should send a cover letter describing their interests and experience along with a C.V. to:

Shawn Lyons, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry,