Ph.D. Program, University of Evry (France)

Ph.D. program: “Splice site recognition mechanisms and regulators”

The University of Evry (South suburb of Paris France) is seeking for a candidate to a Ph.D. program focused on functional analyses of splicing regulators. The successful candidate will be hosted by the SABNP laboratory which is dedicated at studying networks of RNA binding proteins using integrative approaches combining biochemical, structural and functional analyses.

Scientific project: Defects in constitutive or alternative pre-mRNA splicing have dramatic consequences on protein expression. Indeed genetic diseases are often associated with mutations of RNA sequences recognized by splicing factors or by mutations or abnormal expression of spliceosomal RNA-Binding Proteins (RBPs). However a detailed knowledge of the  mechanisms that allow the precise recognition of splice sites is still lacking.

The Ph.D. student will combine bioinformatics analyses of splicing factors related datasets with biochemical and functional analyses to unravel novel aspects of their mode of action. In particular the cooperative or antagonistic functions of these splicing factors will be searched for by correlation analyses in RNA-seq datasets and the corresponding physical interactions will be determined using biochemical techniques and in vivo. The sequences targeted by these splicing factors will be evaluated and tested in vivo. Finally their relationship to cancer, neurodevelopmental syndromes and neurodegenerative diseases will be tackled.

Keywords : pre-mRNA splicing, splice site recognition, RNA Binding Proteins, U2AF related proteins, genetic diseases, cancer.

Host laboratory and context:

The successful candidate will be funded by the University of Evry and will perform his research in the SABNP laboratory (INSERM research unit UMR1204) at Evry University, part of the Genopole biocluster for biotechnologies.

Based on a multidisciplinary approach, the SABNP laboratory notably explores the dynamics and structure of RNA/protein complexes. Novel technologies are also currently developed to explore cellular and molecular processes involved in gene expression regulation.

Candidate profile: Candidates must hold a master degree (or equivalent) in cellular biology, molecular biology or bioinformatics and be highly motivated individuals with interest in RNA biology, gene expression and data processing.

Contact and application: For further information, please contact Alexandre Maucuer at . For application, please provide a full CV, a cover letter and a copy of the grades obtained during the master degree.

Position open until: 04/30/2019