One Fellow Position for grad student in noncoding RNA-dependent control of adult neurogenesis

CB: 77386.

One Fellow position will be available from November 2019 in the “Neurobiology of miRNA” Research Line ( to investigate the role of “noncoding RNAs in the regulation of adult neurogenesis. The project will focus on a novel class of small noncoding RNA with unknown function in mammalian neural stem cells in murine models.

Neurogenesis is the process of generation of new neurons from neural stem cells. This process results from the precise balance of quiescence/proliferation/differentiation. Proper regulation of this balance prevents tumor formation, allows brain development and maintains lifelong neurogenesis. Lab focus is the molecular control of neurogenesis in mammals focusing on small noncoding RNAs. Our research combines expertise in molecular and cellular biology, primary cultures of neurons, astrocytes and neural stem cells, animal models, imaging, behavior. We collaborate with the multidisciplinary staff of IIT ( having strong expertise on proteomics/metabolomics, bioinformatics, genomics, material science, imaging, neuro-pharmacology and neuro-electronics. Our lab is located in the IIT Central research labs in Genoa, Italy and provides state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

Ideal candidate must be eligible to apply for a PhD (i.e., holding or being in the process of obtaining) a MSc in Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine or a related discipline; be highly motivated and creative individual who wants to work in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary research environment. Will be taken into consideration candidates with experience in the following techniques: Molecular biology/Biochemistry (e.g., RNA profiling and data analysis; Western blotting; RIP etc.) AND/OR Primary cell cultures preparation (including Nerve cells and iPSCs); AND/OR Histology/immunohistochemistry; AND/OR Imaging; AND/OR Handling/manipulation in vivo small lab animal models.

Prior experience in neuroscience is highly recommended. A good knowledge of the English language is a requisite. Successful applicants should also be willing to learn a variety of complementary techniques ranging from the transgene expression via genetic or acute manipulations (e.g., virus injection or electroporation), to Behavior.

Applications, including detailed Curriculum Vitae, publication list, research interest statement and name and contacts of 2 referees, has to be submitted using the online form.

Deadline: September 15, 2019

Link to the form:

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