Immagina Biotechnology s.r.l. is Seeking an Experienced Senior Scientist

Immagina Biotechnology s.r.l. is seeking an experienced senior scientist who is energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoys team working in a growing startup environment.

Experience/PhD related to Biomedical or Biological Sciences; RNA-Seq, immunoblotting, cloning, genome editing and cell transfection.

Strong background in proteomics (SILAC or PUNCH-P) with hands-on expertise in mass spectrometry and relative data interpretation (e.g. HPLC, Maldi-MS, MS/MS, UPLC, UV).

Cell culture techniques: mouse and human cell maintenance and differentiation; Ability to work in a high-pace and dynamic scientific environment.

Excellent organizational and analytical skills; Excellent inter-personal and communication skills / ability to build good working relations; Proven ability to present and publish research data.

Proficiency in spoken and written English.

Happy to work together with, and supervise, other lab members.

Ideally, you should have considerable experience in experimentally investigating proteins, protein-RNA interactions, small molecules-RNA interaction. You will need to be able to develop sensible and creative methods to study ribosome/mRNA targeted small molecule activity. 1+ year contract. Salary net >1700 Euro/month. Start ASAP.