Apply for a Postdoctoral Position on Pre-mRNA Splicing in the Staley Lab

Our goal is to understand the mechanisms that underlie nuclear pre-mRNA splicing, an essential step in eukaryotic gene expression. Pre-mRNA splicing is catalyzed by a massive ribonucleoprotein machine called the spliceosome. Using a variety of model organisms, especially baker’s yeast, we leverage a broad array of tools including genetics, genomics, cell biology, mathematical modeling, biochemistry, single molecule approaches, and structural approaches to gain a deep understanding of how the spliceosome catalyzes and regulates pre-mRNA splicing. Our lab comprises a group of creative, thoughtful, and motivated individuals at all career stages, including high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and research professionals.

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The Staley Lab now seeks a postdoctoral researcher to pursue one of a number of available projects; a suitable project will be selected based on the postdoc’s interests and experience. We seek applicants who are independent, motivated, rigorous, creative, and innovative. Applicants should have a solid publication record. Additionally, applicants should have strong written and oral communication skills and work well with others. Applicants should have or will shortly earn a PhD in molecular biology, cell biology, and/or genetics, although individuals from other disciplines seeking to change or bridge fields are encouraged to apply. Experience with RNA and approaches that include genetics, genomics, cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, and/or mathematical modeling is preferred.

The interdisciplinary approach of our lab to research provides an exceptional environment for postdoctoral training. Our interdisciplinary approaches are facilitated by the lab’s proximity to other top disciplines within just a five minute walk, including the physical, medical, and evolutionary sciences; our lab is centered in the Biological Sciences Division at the University of Chicago (for more information, visit: Further, the broader community at the University of Chicago provides a unique and invigorating environment, where inquiry, debate, and all points of view are valued (for more information, visit: Note that the city of Chicago offers an enriching environment to live, with opportunities ranging from theater, art, comedy, and dining to professional sports and outdoor activities (for more information, visit:

Interested and qualified candidates should submit the following to

  1. i) a CV
  2. ii) contact information for three references

iii) a cover letter that includes a brief summary of your research accomplishments, your research interests – including your motivation for working in our lab, and your long term goals

The postdoctoral position is available immediately.