International Postdoctoral Fellowship – The role of pre-mRNA structures in the regulation of splicing
Posted on September 2

The position is available to study the roles of pre-mRNA structures in the regulation of splicing in the laboratory of dr. Petr Folk ([email protected]). Regulatory roles of intron-harbored structures were established for several genes of S. cerevisiae, e.g., RPS9, RPS14, RPL22, or RPL30, but the detailed mechanisms whereby they affect splicing remains to be elucidated. The project will focus on the characterization of RNA structures and RNA-protein interactions in the context of splice-site recognition. The candidate should be interested in areas of RNA biochemistry/ biology. Because of the limited time of the project (13 months), previous experience with nucleic acid techniques such as chemical probing methods, methods to study protein-RNA interactions, fluorescence spectroscopy or TIRF microscopy will be an advantage.

Project starts on January 1, 2021; deadline for submissions is September 30, 2020. Information on the eligibility criteria and application requirements can be found on: