COFUND FP-DYNAMO-PARIS PROGRAM – 5 Postdoctoral fellowships in Genetics, Genomes, and RNA

Posted on October 5,

The COFUND FP-DYNAMO-PARIS program offers a unique interdisciplinary environment and a fundamental research initiative in the center of Paris to train the scientists of tomorrow in the field of Physico-Chemical biology. The goal of the research program is to integrate knowledge on gene expression, structural and membrane biology, and bioenergetics in bacteria, chloroplasts, and mitochondria in the general context of improving our understanding of the biogenesis of energy-transducing membranes. These studies will involve cutting-edge technologies including structural biology (NMR, X-ray crystallography, and CryoEM), RNA sequencing, mass-spectrometry, synthetic biology, microfluidics, computational modeling, and visualization. 

Post-doctoral fellows will have the opportunity of developing their research projects in a dynamic scientific environment covering Genetics, Genomes, and the RNA axis.

They will benefit from the supervision of internationally-recognized experts in their fields, as a worldwide network of renowned institutions, cutting-edge research infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technical know-how will allow them to hone their scientific skills, make themselves known and increase their competitiveness in the labor market. Specific training will be proposed to ERs through attendance of the EMBO course on "Laboratory Leadership for Postdocs" included in a retreat in Padua, Italy, and involvement in dedicated complementary soft skills training events.

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Postdoc positions in Genetics, Genomes, and RNA

  • Methylation of the translation apparatus (2yrs) APPLY HERE
  • Ribosome Quality control in Yeast (2yrs) APPLY HERE
  • Genome evolution and post-endosymbiotic innovations in diatoms (2yrs) APPLY HERE
  • Study of photosynthesis and its regulation in diatoms (2 yrs) APPLY HERE

Application deadline: October 14, 2022

Starting date: Flexible, between January and April 2023.

To apply: The application should be written in English and submitted to It must include a detailed CV, a minimum of two letters of reference, a cover letter describing your short and long-term career objectives, and a signed declaration that you comply with the mobility rule which stipulates that you have not resided or carried out your main activity (work or studies) in France for more than 12 months during the three years preceding the date of recruitment. The complete file must also be sent to Bruno MIROUX & Magdalena TORTYNA, respectively director and manager of the project at [email protected] See details on the website