A Research Associate Position at the Rabani Lab (Hebrew University, Israel)
Posted on July 20

The Rabani Lab investigates the molecular and cellular biology of RNA molecules, and how post-transcriptional gene regulation at the RNA level underlies embryonic development.

To address these questions, we use a system-level approach that combines large-scale genomics with in-depth genetic and functional investigations and technology development in the zebrafish animal model. We develop and implement innovative technologies and analysis tools for massively parallel reporter assays, RNA metabolic labeling, single-cell genomics, CRISPR/cas9 genome editing, in-vivo imaging and functional assays.

We are a young and growing lab, located at the Silberman Institute of Life Science of the Hebrew University. We offer state-of-the-art research facilities and an interdisciplinary scientific training, with options to focus on either experimental or computational expertise, or combine both. We therefore encourage applications by highly motivated applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Job Description

We are recruiting a research associate (PhD or Postdoc level) to join us, as part of an ERC funded project, aiming to decode mechanisms and functions of RNA degradation in development and cellular programming, with significant implications to understanding maternal regulation of early embryogenesis.

  • Lead an independent research project: initiate, design, execute and evaluate experiments, by developing and implementing innovative research technologies.
  • Teach and supervise junior lab members.
  • Draft and prepare scientific journal publications and research grant proposals.
    • Prepare conference presentations, and present research outputs at national and international conferences, workshops and events.

Skills and Qualifications

Suitable candidates should hold (or are about to obtain) an PhD degree (or equivalent) or Postdoc in life sciences. Highly motivated and creative scientists, with strong problem-solving skills and are fluent in spoken and written English.

Experimental applicants should have proven experience in molecular and cell biology techniques. Experience with zebrafish or animal work, NGS and in-vivo imaging are of advantage.


Please send CV and list of publications to Dr. Michal Rabani [email protected].