The Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series is a new initiative from the RNA Society that launches in January! Each month, we will highlight two great RNA scientists, one junior and one full member, and discover more about their science, career trajectory, and favorite RNA molecule. Each profile will be posted on the Society website and featured on the home page.

We need help to write these profiles! We’re looking for enterprising, engaging writers who are passionate about communicating great RNA stories. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other junior researchers and to meet senior scientists in the Society.

Benefits include:

  • A unique chance to hone your communication skills (which will stand out on any CV)
  • Having your writing highlighted on the RNA Society website
  • Connecting with junior and senior Society members
  • Shaping an exciting new Society initiative


  • A one-year commitment, which will involve writing 4 Spotlight pieces, with the possibility of extending the position for a second term
  • Interviewing members for the pieces
  • Drafting the original profile, which will be then edited by Olivia Rissland (Assistant Professor, University of Colorado)

To apply:

  • Any Society member is eligible to apply—graduate students, post-docs, staff scientists, and faculty.
  • Email and let us know in 200 words or fewer why you’re excited to be part of the team.