The RNA Society Announces Winners of the 2018 Scaringe Awards

The RNA Society is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 RNA Society/Scaringe Awards. There were three awardees this year; one post-doctoral recipient and two graduate student recipients. Please join us in congratulating the award recipients at the RNA 2018 conference to be held May 29 to June 3, 2018, in Berkeley, California.

RNA Society/Scaringe Post-Doctoral Award
Fuguo Jiang is a postdoctoral researcher currently in the lab of Jenniffer Doudna at the University of California, Berkeley. He received his BS and MSc in China, then completed his Ph.D. research under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Marcotrigiano at Rutgers University. Since 2013, Dr. Jiang has been making great strides towards understanding the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing complex, working alongside his colleagues in the Doudna lab. He has combined X-ray crystallographic data and single-particle cryo-electron microscopy approaches to describe the mechanism of DNA target recognition and key structural states of the Type II CRISPR-Cas9 family. These proteins are powerful tools from genome editing in a wide variety of organisms.

RNA Society/Scaringe Graduate Student Award
Madeline Sherlock is a graduate student completing the requirements for her PhD degree in the laboratory of Ronald Breaker at Yale University in New Haven CT. She received her BS degree at Pennsylvania State University at University Park, PA, where she worked as an undergraduate in the laboratory of Phil Bevilacqua. Her doctoral work in the Breaker lab examines orphan riboswitches. Her discoveries have allowed her to identify four distinct riboswitch classes for guanidine and identify the ligands for three of those. Her work has identified the regulation mechanisms for some of the most fundamental biochemical processes on the planet.

RNA Society/Scaringe Graduate Student Award
Boxuan Zhao is a graduate student who completed the requirements for his MS and PhD degree in 2017 in the laboratory of Chuan He at the University of Chicago, in Chicago, IL. He received his BS degree while working with Peng Chen at Peking University in China. His doctoral work at the University of Chicago is in the area of RNA epitranscriptomics: examining the biological function of RNA post-transcriptional modifications. His work has focused on m6A methylation. In a variety of studies in various model systems he has demonstrated that m6A in mRNA can directly impact translation of RNA and that the state of RNA methylation plays key roles in global transcriptome switching during cell differentiation and tissue development.